mvpt-studio2The physical therapists in our Pilates Rehabilitation Program can evaluate and treat a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions. Individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, sports injuries, osteoporosis and neurological issues such as Parkinson’s are excellent candidates for a Pilates exercise program.

After assessing overall postural alignment, flexibility and strength, we tailor a personalized exercise program base to address your specific needs. Through our Pilates programs, we are able to decrease pain, increase range of motion and flexibility, improve coordination and balance, and increase arm, leg, pelvic floor and core abdominal strength. Each program is introduced in a comfortable, supine, non-weight-bearing position and may then progress with a gradual and graded increase in resistance.  We also focus on trunk stabilization and plyometrics for a variety of sports injuries as well as general conditioning.

In our clinic, you may be working on a variety of Pilates equipment. Additionally, your physical therapist may teach you Pilates mat exercises to do as a home exercise program.

Please feel free to contact MVPT with any questions you have regarding our Pilates program.

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