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Mill Valley Physical Therapy┬áis proudly caring for our community, ….one person at a time, since 1981. Our integrated approach means that we address not only specific issues, but also focus on the larger goal of a healthy and balanced well-being, for every person we treat. We are a local company, owned, managed, and operated by professionally trained and licensed physical therapists. When given the oppertunity, it would be our pleasure to work with you.

Explore the services we offer

Physical Therapy Evaluation:

Physical therapists review your medical history, take and assess objective measurements, discuss and set goals, plan rehabilitation and establish a personalized treatment regimen.

Personal Training:

Individual gym or home exercise programs for strengthening, conditioning and healthful weight loss.


Stretching, strengthening, and stabilization of the spine and extremities for improved balance and coordination. Excellent for development of strengthening core musculature.


Reduce muscle spasm and tension, increase flexibility, reduce edema, scar tissue and adhesions.

Postural Assessment:

Educate/retrain with postural alignment and proper body mechanics as it relates to your work and/or home actvities

Gait Assessment &Training:

Ambulation re-education with and without assistive devices.

Hot Packs:

Relax muscles and reduce spasms while increasing circulation and vasodilatation.

Ice Packs:

Decrease swelling and inflammation to joints, anesthetize tissue, enhance vasoconstriction.


Deep heat vibratory sound wave; phonophoresis with cortisone soulation for soft tissue injury, strain or sprain.


Reduce muscle spasm and tension, increase flexibility, reduce edema, scar tissue and adhesions.


Reduce swelling, relieve pain and soreness associated with conditions such as tendonitis.


Manual therapy and myofascial release to improve joint and soft tissue mobility.

Therapeutic Exercises:

Specifidcally tailored therapeutic exercise for increased range of motion, strength, stability and improved posture.

Home Exercise Program:

Individualized written programs consisting of stretches, strengthening activities and proper body mechanics.

Home Visits:

Evaluate safety features including stairs, carpets and railings. Establish gait mechanics and exercise programs for safe activities of daily living.

Spray & Stretch Technique:

Increase flexibility and reduce muscle spasms.

McConnell Taping Technique:

Facilitate proper patellar tracking and minimize knee pain.

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