mvpt-studio2Home Ergonomic Assessment

Today’s careers often demand long hours of computer use with increased pain and discomfort due to sustained postures coupled with improper ergonomics. The therapists at MVPT will evaluate your workstation, make changes and provide you with tension relieving stretches and exercises that will allow you to work more efficiently and with less pain. 90 minutes $175

Golf Swing Analysis

Come and get an in depth analysis of your golf swing. MVPT can help you perfect your golf game by training the specific muscles that are active during your swing. Golf biomechanics will improve both your game and reduce injuries. Say goodbye to your back problems! 30 minutes: $75, 60 minutes $140, 90 minutes $200

Home Exercise Program

Enjoy the convenience of physical therapy in your own private home. A MVPT physical therapist will come to your home and provide one-on-one therapy and instruction in custom exercises to improve your well-being. 60 minutes: $120

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is specifically designed to promote relaxation of your muscles and improve circulation of blood and lymph. By applying varying pressure to muscles and using strokes that move in the direction of the heart, massage purposely enhances oxygen flow in your blood and helps to rid the body of toxins. Our massage therapists are licensed and have experience working with a wide variety of diagnosis and injuries. 30 minutes: $45, 60 minutes $80, 90 minutes $120


Pilates is an system of guided exercises designed to build core strength, improve flexibility, coordination and balance, and educate proper movement. In these sessions, you may be working on a variety of Pilates equipment. Home programs are designed to allow you to continue your strengthening program independently. $85 Initial; $80 Single; $375/5; $700/10; $1300/20

Personal Training

Customized Personal Training is designed to meet your specific needs. The emphasis is placed in achieving an individual’s ultimate potential and addressing sports specific drills designed to strengthen, add speed, and optimize your endurance potential. So whether your goal is to make a team or prevent an injury, MVPT will be happy to guide you to success.
30 minutes: $45, 45 minutes: $60, 60 minutes: $75, 90 minutes: $120

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