I have worked with Michael for almost 10 years. Michael demonstrates an extraordinary capacity for compassionate, culturally sensitive and complete care of my patients. His attention to detailed reporting, overall professionalism are excellent. Feedback from patients being treated by Michael is without exception, positive and appreciative.

Thomas Johnson, PA-C


“I played varsity basketball for three years at Marin Catholic High School. My senior year, I fell while playing and tore the ACL in my knee. I went to Mill Valley Physical Therapy following my surgery for sports rehabilitation. After many hours of hard work, I am now fully recovered and can pursue my dream of playing college basketball at a Division I program in southern California.

Everyone at Mill Valley Physical Therapy is very knowledgeable and welcoming. Dave was the trainer who worked with me the most. He was very patient and encouraging and motivated me to give my best effort every day. I don’t know where I’d be today without the help and therapeutic guidance I received at Mill Valley Physical Therapy.”

-Miranda F, 18

College Student Athlete


Trying to come back from a hip operation?  Ask me.

Michael Leary, PT of Mill Valley Physical Therapy helped me walk, then run and bike after 2 major surgeries.  Identifying the muscle groups, rolling out exercises at appropriate intervals and lots of encouragement are part of Michael’s care and MVPT’s wonderful program.

If you want to know the whys of the Trendelenburg Lurch or if you just want to ditch your crutches or your cane and move forward, look no further.

– Dee Lawrence, Kentfield, CA

Lower Back:

“When I called you last week I was in a lot of pain with my sciatic nerve. I truly appreciate all you did to help me. Joelle rearranged your schedule to get me in to see you right away. When I came in you reassured me you and your staff would do your best to help me feel better. Your treatment over the following week was very helpful.

With every visit you and your staff showed sincere concern as to how I was feeling. I am now pain free, thanks to you and all your staff who worked with me. Many thanks to all of you.”

-Mary Q, 73



“I first met Rod Heschong eight years ago. I had been involved in an industrial accident and I initially chose him because his office was in a convenient location for me. After approximately two months of therapy, he felt something was not right. He referred me back to my doctor and an MRI exam showed a shattered biceps tendon that required surgery.  I continued with physical therapy at Mill Valley Physical Therapy for the rehabilitation of my arm and shoulder. Three months later I was back at work and comfortable with the strength and ability levels required to do my job. I am a mechanic on the large ship cranes, employed at the Port of Oakland.

In the last three years, injuries, age and arthritis have contributed to numerous surgeries on both shoulders. Rod Heschong’s treatment has been instrumental in helping me maintain a quality of life.

The clinic’s quality of service is outstanding. This is a hands-on facility, where the therapists accept a high level of responsibility for your maximum recovery. They also expect you to participate in the rehabilitation process, and do what’s necessary for yourself. I am sure both are very important when dealing with chronic pain.

I continue working with Rod and his staff and would recommend his clinic without hesitation.” 

-Dan K, 48

Longshore man crane mechanic 


“After being discharged from a cardiac rehabilitation program following a heart attack, I began an exercise program at Mill Valley Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation.

Since that time I have been exercising regularly (3 times a week) and I have had many opportunities to observe how this clinic operates. During this time, I have noticed more than one patient come in on crutches and later walk out on their own. I have always found Rodney and his staff to be very caring and attentive. They impart a genuine atmosphere of caring along with their expertise. Encouragement seems to be a regular part of the treatment.

The office manager and front desk staff are very knowledgeable and, not only friendly, but very efficient with moving people through a maze of appointments and insurance issues.

In addition to my experience as a participant in their cardiac exercise program, I have also had a number of occasions to receive physical therapy treatment for various aches and pains. Their treatments have been very beneficial and all the exercises which have been prescribed, I still use with continuing help. It is during these treatments that I have noticed that the treatment rooms are always neat and clean. The décor colors and art work is conducive to a feeling of restfulness, peacefulness and healing. They take great care to use a patient’s name. A warm blanket is always offered during treatment.

When young children come into the clinic as patients or with a parent, they are offered either books or coloring books and crayons.

In the gym, the equipment is upgraded on a regular basis. Without question, I would recommend Rodney and the MVPT staff, and would like to thank them for their continued support in my rehabilitation process!”

-Lillian W, 88


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